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The Loneliness of Illness and Pain

“You’re lucky you don’t have to work!” “You’re just giving up!” “You need to get out more!” When we break a leg, are we better off hopping on it or using crutches? Right after having major surgery, would we recover better if we went hiking or if we rested a bit in the hospital? We all know the answer to those questions. Otherwise, there would be mountain slopes instead of gurneys outside of every operating room. When dealing with a broken leg, it heals and the person returns to life as usual. On the other hand, for many living with ongoing illnesses, “as the illness progresses, [people] must adjust each day to the disease, sometimes severe, sometimes in remission, and always present. The sense of health and vibrancy is, at best, diminished, and at worst, lost,” wrote Jackson P. Rainer, Ph.D., a leading authority on grief and loss. Although we might think our loved … [Read More...]