People with Disabilities are the Largest Minority Group in the US

Most people may not be not aware of the prevalence of those living with disabilities. In fact, there are probably more people living with disabilities in the United States than people realize.

According to the Institute on Disability, “If people with disabilities were a formally recognized minority group, at 19% of the population, they would be the largest minority group in the United States.”


Institute on Disability. University of new Hampshire. Report Finds Significant Health Disparities for People with Disabilities. August 25, 2011


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  1. Cynthia says

    I am an individual with a disability and yes disabled individuals should be granted a minority class in thier own right. Example, individuals with disabilities face grater barriers to accessible employment, social integration and often ostercized by local communities. These actions occurr more often from lack of understanding and education in knowing that individuals with disabling factors desire to and can become productive members of society.

    As a blind adult loosing my visual ability after age 48, I returned to school earned an MBA and simply put because I no longer drive an automobile I am considered unemployable in virtually every job opportunity applied for.

    Jobs that require driving fit the BFOQ “Bona FIde Occupational Qualification” or or BFOR “Bona Fide Occupational Requirements”, stipulate that only positions that cannot function without these qualifications may be segregated. Example may include a heavy equipment operator such as a bulldozer or Tractor driver, bus driver, truck driver, or other DOT regulated vehicles that require sited drivers to operate on populated roads, and FAA, who requires mandatory 20/20 vision for commercial pilots, or if the roll demands a male or female roll model such as restroom attendents or specific actors in arts programs, or if the role calls for a defined ethnic gender or race to be realistic.

    There are limited circumstance and must be the only option to meeting the job where accomodation factors cannot ammend the roll.

    At best our own Federal Government is one of the most discriminating environments regarding the hiring of visually impaired adults and language can be found and substantiated on its website.

    Individuals with disabilities need opportunity and should not be excluded as equal contenders among employment in America.

  2. John S. Mormando says

    I’ve been disabled with bipolar disorder for the past 16 years. Which is worse, the illness or the medications that I have to take everyday. I believe that I should be granted all the benefits to start a business in Pennsylvania that other minorities – black, and women for example can receive.
    Why are the disabled in America excluded from all benefits.

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