Stick to It No Matter What

Kris Harty shared her inspirational journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis, as the Keynote Speaker at the 2008 Invisible Disabilities Association Honor Awards Banquet. She is also on the Executive Board of the Invisible Disabilities Association and a regular blogger for IDA.

Kris is known as The Short Chick with the Walking Stick, Stickability Specialist. Kris’ expertise as an entrepreneur and a lifelong patient helps entrepreneurs and those in healthcare – on the giving and receiving ends – to persevere and Stick To It-No Matter What!

Kris speaks, writes, facilitates and regularly contributes to online medical journals, in addition to recently publishing her first book A Shot in the Arm and a Strong Spirit: How Health Care Givers Help Patients Persevere. She can be reached through her company, Strong Spirit Unlimited  or call 1.877.711.KRIS.


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