2012 Online Disability Expo Now Available Through December 26

YOU DIDN’T MISS IT! The True Help® Online Disability Expo is now available on demand through December 26.

All the booths are still open for people to browse through!

1) Register here!
2) Go to the Empowerment Hall to find our booth! Hoover over the booths to find the Invisible Disabilities Association or use the direct link (below) to go right to the IDA Booth after you register.
3) Look through our videos, pamphlets and free handouts.
4) Go to the chat module to find the video interviews and transcripts from our IDA Experts.
5) Vote for IDA! After attending, you will be sent a questionnaire about how you enjoyed the expo.

PLEASE VOTE for IDA to win the $1,000 grant to help us continue to reach out with encouragement, education, support and resources. After visiting the Disability Expo, you will be sent a survey in which to vote for us. Thank you!

Our IDA Experts:

  • VIDEO: Be Expedition Ready – Learn about preparing for the journey of care giving. Antarctic Mike (Pierce) and IDA President, Wayne Connell.
  • VIDEO: Nine new rules for engaging change and managing stress. Jeff Vankooten.
  • VIDEO: 7 Realities of the Invisible Becoming Visible. IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell.
  • VIDEO: Communication Do’s and Don’ts for People with Disabilities. Kathe Skinner, MA, LMFT.
  • VIDEO: Humor for Health & Well-Being. Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE.
  • TRANSCRIPTS: Your Changing Brain – The owner’s manual to your mind. Rick Watson, CEO DRS Health Group.

Don’t forget to invite your friends, family, groups, neighbors and medical professionals!

The IDA Team
Invisible Disabilities Association


Free Online Disability Expo with IDA

IDA Presents Live Chats with Our Experts September 27th



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