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This article, But You LOOK Good! – Learning the Language of Invisible Disabilities, was Co-Authored by IDA Ambassador, Antarctic Mike Pierce. Mike is a speaker, athlete, world record holder and caregiver. He shared his very touching story about his wife, Angela’s disability due to a climbing accident, along with their challenges and triumphs in their lives together. Be amazed and inspired by their incredible story of perseverance and love.

Article Excerpt: Have you ever shared details about your chronic illness and pain and the difficulties you experience daily, and had a person say in response, “Well, but you LOOK good?” Many people have experienced this situation and heard similar phrases that seem harmless, unless you are the one who would give up “looking good” any day to have moments of feeling good. … Read the entire blog here at

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Don’t miss Antarctic Mike and Angela at the 2012 IDA Honor Awards Banquet on October 14th! They will be sharing their story and key things they have learned – For him as a caregiver, for her as a survivor and for them as a couple. Come join us! Be inspired! Be encouraged!


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  1. Steve says

    I to have a Placard but do not always use it. Some days I can walk a bit further and will save the spot for someone else. I have had several surgeries on my spine , back and neck (shoulders hands) but I hate when people look at me when they have no clue about me. I am pretty much limited to how far I can walk some times . And I hate being judged.

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