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Article Excerpt: Have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a space reserved for people with disabilities, who did not LOOK disabled? Did it make you feel very uncomfortable or even upset? Did you let them know of your disapproval by giving them a dirty look or yelling at them? … Read the entire blog here on Disability.Blog. Published October 31, 2012.

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  1. says

    you are so right about these articles that you have written it’s hard to tell when some ice disable LSU Spektor say them in a wheelchair on clashes are blind but I just want to say that I am disable to I hate even using that word is like a tag text to the top of your head that I am I single mom and benefit amount for the past 12 years I have work 23 jobs to support my for children by myself would definitely no help from child support my ex only owes 119,000 dollars in back child support child support where I live is a joke but anyway this is not about child support I guess is about the characters that people pick you and when you have a disability that they can’t say well so far since the year of 2000 I have had 5 heart attacks and 2 shirts I have Generation dish this phase I have COPD and I guess we can and want you more thanks just what the doctor say ass but I don’t give up but I know what it feels like when you park in the handicap park and you even have a handicap tags because I can still walk and talk people look at me as where she handicap at Epic 4 really needs maybe they would understand what really sucks is being handicapped as you can’t live on disability is not able to Napa 1 person and I have for children to take care of I get a possibly about 630 7 dollars a month to live on and that’s to pay rent gets aids pay the electric bill and the phone I don’t have any other things I have to pack I really can’t I am now I’ve been sick and now I’m 3 to 4 months behind will be no Christmas honor I trade a sheer that man for the past 6 years never get any help for myself just left my children I don’t understand about people these days Saint fight I want to hang out but when you ask for help they turn their back on you I don’t understand that but I’m a strong lady and I keep on keepin ounce so far I’ve got to my friends in college and this January I’m getting 1 and trade school my daughter wants to be a pediatric cardiologists heart surgeon she believes in giving back she is smart and she is strong she said to see me goto so much and I live by painting is made my children strong and don’t take advantage of what they getting live and how they live their lives so far I guess I have about 1 more to go then after that they’ve already tell me that I’ll never fall tour another 1 I feel sit here wonder day by day with this be my last a ass ass still have a big blood clots and in my heart the bottom part of my heart with the muscle is bad they said it won’t my but who knowsI guess what really sucks is that during the time that I had my fourth heart attack working to try to get my disability Ashley I had to go and talk to a senator b**** now is a governor is governor Gail and laid my file on his desk which was about 12 inches in diameter Ashley he did read it and it felt sorry for Mayella I’ve tried so hard to be a good mom to be a single mom to provide for my kids but never got no have not wear so I said I am so sorry but I guess the states have to raise my kids my medicine some up with 1600 dollars and I couldn’t afford to get them anymore there was no way that I could forward to keep on going my bass so I saw you read my profile and about 2 weeks I got a letter from the judge apologizing to make that I’ve had to go through so much to prove that I was disabled sense my disabilities was in visible to the naked eye that’s what’s a shame but Ashley you’re following some I listen to my ass how people listen to other people that has available disabilities they don’t know the pain in the shame that you pray you r whenever you get out to go shopping and why you look good but inside you feel like crap I guess that’s all I have to say but Walmart thanks I will post if there’s anyone out there that really listening and really cares and have these disabilities are even have children that you trying to take care of by yourself you know it breaks my heart 8 year my daughter put up the Christmas tree but there’s never nothing under it this is been the 6 year that we’ve had nothing it’s hard for me just try to keep up with the veils if there’s anyone out there that maybe get help my family for Christmas I don’t want anything but something from my children that would be great but if you can’t I understand it’s hard out there for everybody even people that don’t have disabilities and today as I made my appointment to go see my heart doctor on the way coming home my transmission tore up in my car it’s all car Ashley when and at Black Betty it said the Ford Windstar van II have a lot of mileage and now I guess is going to sit in my garage for a long time because I have no income to get it fixed so that I’m having to catch rides back from 4 to the doctor trying to get to the grocery store it’s so hard I can’t walk that far it’s about 10 to 12 miles into town I have tried but I couldn’t even get half white and I felt like I was going to really into cardiac arrest but anyway I guess this is my story and maybe some married it and maybe somebody won’t but just think about this Christmas how fortunate you are not to be disabled and have children around me that you love just remember there’s always a reason for everything you just have to stop looking at the bad part and stop positively thinking on the good stuff if there’s any left I’m glad I found this page because I can relate to it are most of it anyway all I know is that I am I strong woman and I keep hanging out and hang out I know there’s a reason still for me to be here or I would probably been dad in the year 2000

  2. Jerry Madlock says

    Just hope I can help, People just look at me and say he’s as healthy as a horse. So I know that people can be hateful. Hopefully that attitude can be changed.

  3. Steve says

    I will soon be 49 yrs old . When I was 21 yrs old I suffered a terrible accident that almost killed me. I had spinal fractures w/burst fractures (all disc in back were crushed) with several other injuries) . I went on through the years trying to lead a normal life working and going through several surgeries including disc replacement in neck and sciatica fusions. The last for years have been terrible for me especially. I have tried so many meds that dont work except make me sick and tired and cloud my mind. I have had injections everywhere to no avail .I have applied for disability in NC and was refused two times. I have written letters from doctors advising I should not work (sitting in chair ) for so many hrs a day.I cant sit for more than 10 min without back pain or numbness throughout my body . I have so much pain but now that I cant work and give to my family what I did throughout the years my son acts terrible towards me and my wife & I are not getting along. I see how people look at me dont understand my circumstances and I am so sick of it. Now I know why people take their own lives when dealing with these things because even your own loved ones make you feel worthless.

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