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This article, It’s All in Your Head, was Co-Authored by Jeff Vankooten. Jeff is an author and speaker who shares his battles and lessons learned from living with bipolar disorder. Jeff is also an IDA Executive Board Member.

Article Excerpt: “It’s all in your head!” What a familiar refrain for those living with chronic illness, pain or disability. Doctors, friends, co-workers and family often make this statement when they can’t “see” what you are going through or find a diagnosis. The invisible nature of many illnesses and disabilities creates an atmosphere of suspicion or disbelief, even by those who are closest to you. People may say, “It’s all in your head” to imply that the person is just making up or exaggerating his or her condition. … Read the entire blog here at

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  1. Dannan says

    My home care nurse in vancouver was supposed to help me get a medical card, Instead, she kept claiming that since I didnt LOOK disabled, that PROVED that I had a mental problem, not a physical one, and therefore didnt need a card, or doctors. After five years of hell, I finally got my health care card, but my cancer by then was very bad, and now I just had surgery to remove my lymphoma. My home car nurse could not have been more ignorant or violent or badly trained in pain or disability. I also have crohns disease with an illiostomy and fibromyalgia. But thanks to home care nurses, I only recently started getting medical treatment here. And so far, its pretty bad. I badly need an advocate or system navigator to get me into the system and get me the help I need DESPITE my badly trained and not held accountable nurse. Lousy health care here.

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