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IDA Founder, Wayne Connell recently had the opportunity to be a guest blogger on by

In this article, Invisible No More, Wayne shares about his wife, Sherri’s invisible journey, how they met and ultimately Wayne’s founding of IDA. Wayne also had the opportunity to share about some of the incredible stories from IDA’s Annual Honor Award Banquets, Guest Bloggers on IDA and the Invisible No More! campaign.

Article Excerpt: It all came crashing down in 1991. First, her legs became paralyzed and then, she received a diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), followed by a 10 day hospital stay. Wayne said in response to learning about Sherri’s illness, “I was not deterred. I was falling head over heels in love.” … Read the entire blog here at

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Don’t miss Antarctic Mike and Angela Pierce at the 2012 IDA Honor Awards Banquet on October 14th! They will be sharing their story and key things they have learned – For him as a caregiver, for her as a survivor and for them as a couple. Come join us! Be inspired! Be encouraged!


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  1. says

    Dear Wayne and Sherri:
    Thank you both so much for continuing to educate the general public about invisible disabilities. Also thank you Wayne for writing this excellent article for; and for the fantastic personal-stories-video. Keep up the great work you are doing for those living with chronic illnesses and pain!
    Warmest regards,
    Rosanne Catalano
    (a member of IDA)

  2. marie moore says


  3. Sarah says

    Wayne and Sherri, thanks for informing others about this. I just wanted to encourage those who have been denied for disability insurance because of an invisible disability not to give up. There are lawyers who can and will help, like this one my sister used

  4. Robert says

    How hard is it to get finacial assistance for being Iinvisible Disabled? My hole family has Late Lyme, etc and many of us have CFS, Pain, etc. At times its hard to go to work or get out of bed. My brain is in a fog. I just want to die at times. I wish I could go on disabilty, but have heard its impossible and lawyers will take half of your disabity money.

    • says

      Hi Robert! We are not legal authorities nor attorneys. We understand that receiving SSDI or SSI is a challenge with most debilitating conditions. However, qualifying is done on a case by case basis in regard to an individual’s condition, medical records and many other factors. By law, attorneys can only take a certain percentage of back-pay. You may consider seeking advice from Allsup who can give you a free first time consultation.

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