IDA Ambassador, Juliet Madsen, Featured on 9NEWS in Denver

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IDA Ambassador, Juliet Madsen, Featured on 9NEWS in Denver, CO

Parker, CO – February 10, 2012. Juliet Madsen is a retired United States Army veteran of two wars. She is a wife, mother and survivor of stroke and traumatic brain injury. As therapy, Juliet started making quilts and founded Stroke of Luck Quilting.

Juliet doesn’t just use the ordinary fabrics and designs you might normally see, but uses actual materials from such things as uniforms, tents and hats.

Her quilts have been displayed in some incredible places such as the White House, the Library of Congress, the Pentagon, various governor offices, state capitols, airports, galleries, and in public and private collections around the world.

IDA Founder with Quilt by Juliet

Much of her work is to raise funds for organizations that support veterans and individuals with invisible medical issues like her. Juliet has in many cases donated her quilts to individual recipients and organizations such as the VFW, DAR, VA, American Legion, Operation TBI, CAUSE, Wounded Warrior, FOB Summit County and the Invisible Disabilities Association to name a few. Juliet created the Ultimate Sew-In to raise money for Paralyzed Veterans and the 2010 Wheelchair Games.

Juliet is a recipient of the 2011 Volunteer Honorable Mention Award. Later, she became an IDA Ambassador, as she continues to spread awareness about invisible wounds of war and living with invisible disabilities and challenges.  Read more here.

Interview with Juliet on


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Video: Sewing up the wounds of war. Written by Dave Delozier, presented by Adele Arakawa. February 9, 2012.

2011 IDA Award Photo courtesy of Steve Sokolic of

2011 Invisible No More quilt by Juliet Madsen. Photo with IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell.


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  1. Angela Pierce says

    This story moves me because Juliet shares intimately through her quilts the perils of war. Hopefully others with a stroke or a traumatic brain injury or other issues such as PTSD will discover their own creative way to heal and be able to inspire others as Juliet has me…..What an incredible woman. Plus I love the dress.

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