CEO of MasTec Helps Employee with Fibromyalgia on Undercover Boss

Jose Mas CEO MasTec Screenshot from CBS Undercover Boss

Jose Mas, CEO of MasTec, Inc. helped an employee with Fibromyalgia on the Undercover Boss show, which aired on May  11, 2012.

Jose found out one of his employees, Wendy, lives with Fibromyalgia. Wendy told Jose when he was under cover that she felt like she had lost her smile, due to damage from medications she uses for Fibromyalgia. Jose not only gave her the time off to get her teeth fixed, but said he was also willing to pay the full costs to get them fixed, no matter if it totaled $20 – $25,000.

Wendy’s husband also works for MasTec and she had shared with Jose that they are struggling with $30 – $35,000 in debt. So, Jose gave them $30,000 to pay off their current debts.

Jose told Wendy, “I am going to give you $30,000 so you can feel good about having your teeth done and don’t have to feel that is taking away from something else.”

Clip from Undercover Boss. Watch Full Episode.


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