Voluntary Disability ID Card Provides Help

IDA is creating the National Disability ID designator for voluntary disclosure of disabilities on State Government issued Driver’s Licenses and State ID’s.

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What people are saying about IDA

“I think your message is GREAT! I have been both a caregiver for my wife and now a patient with MS. I know both the frustrations of trying to help and not knowing what to do and needing the understanding. You state everything very well and with a lot of compassion.”

~ Randy

“I very much appreciate the work that you are doing…I have diabetes and have had it for 46 yrs as well as Diabetic Neuropathy for the past 10-11 yrs. It is hard when you park in an accessible space to combat the stares and glares because you aren’t wheelchair bound. People need to realize that there are other conditions that cause mobility problems.”

~ Ricki

“I found your website the other day, and I honestly think it was heaven sent. The most difficult part of my illness has been the lack of understanding from friends and relatives, and your articles are absolutely brilliant!!!!!”

~ Shani

“Before I found IDA’s online community, I felt so alone with my illnesses. Now I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. There’s so much understanding, compassion and support, that they’ve become my second family.”

~ Michelle

“As a part of IDA’s online community, I find that I have chronic illnesses in common with fellow sufferers from all over the world. I enjoy bringing positive notes to the group and thank IDA for a community that feels like home.”

~ Carolyn

“IDA’s information has helped me to be a much more ‘helpful’ professional caretaker both with reference to my patients and members of my immediate family who suffer from invisible disabilities. Thank you!”

~ Dr RJ

“Before I joined IDA’s online community, I had no idea where to turn and felt so alone. I have found other people on IDA who I have illnesses in common with and this group is so supportive. I don’t feel so alone anymore. This group has helped me so much. This is an awesome group.”

~ Leslie

“IDA changed my life! Yes it is such a blessing to meet so many nice people who truly understand what it is like to deal with illness that no one can see but is a reality that has changed our lives forever. Thank goodness for a nice place to come together to give support and help to others so none of us ever feel alone.”

~ Teresa

“I am a retired Family Medicine Physician with MS. Having a chronic illness has taught me to appreciate the many opportunities that I have been given and to see the importance of helping others learn this lesson. IDA is wonderful and provides evidence that we are not alone on this journey.”

~ Dr Dayna

“IDA was the first place I could find understanding and help from people who I could see really understood invisible pain and suffering. It’s difficult to get people to see an invisible disability when you look like the poster child for good health. IDA brought reason and understanding to many people who simply thought it was all in my head.”

~ Stan

“I sit here with tears in my eyes, because I finally found IDA. You say what I have been trying to say for years!! Now I think I can continue on without the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. You have literally saved my life!”

~ Tammy

“As a neuropsychologist who lives with MS, I specialize in understanding, testing and helping to rehabilitate cognition for people whose conditions, illnesses or injures impair cognition. IDA has succeeded in expressing the thoughts and feelings I hear daily from clients, friends with illnesses and disabilities and myself at times!”

~ Dr Anne

“I am overwhelmed with the direct hit to my actions and reactions to my sister’s debilitating illness. I have committed every classic no-no of one who is in denial. Thankfully, after reading and absorbing your work, I can gain the compassion and empathy I need to help her, instead of merely giving advice to make her snap out of it.”

~ Doree