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Darian Wulf-Killian - IDA Dir of Communications - Invisible Disabilities Association

Darian Wulf-Killian

It started a flame, as Darian wanted to help others to share their stories, knowledge, hope, and awareness. As she is overly passionate about helping all humans a like with invisible disabilities and illnesses by giving them tools, strategies, guidance and love- to survive and heal our wonderful bodies!

Director of Communications

Darian was born into a family with invisible disabilities and illnesses. Growing up on the belief that no matter how you feel, you keep it to yourself, you put your head down in the sand, keep pushing and striving, working harder and harder, until the chapter of your life has come to an end…

That is the world that Darian thought she knew… the world that involved- ignoring signs and symptoms of everyday wear and tear on our human bodies and minds. That is, up until the day she received her diagnosis of generalized Dystonia. 

It took a whole 2 more years, before I found IDA. The second I found it, I felt this sense of relief. Relief I was believed, relief that there was a word for what I was experiencing, relief because the world that I thought I knew, was the world that I did know. It just had a new term too it…

Suddenly I felt so empowered and lifted, not only because of the loving community IDA brings to you, it’s because for the first time in my life an organization had grouped ALL of my invisible illnesses, diseases and disabilities all in one place! The moment that dawned on me, my soul mission was provided as well. Advocate for IDA has much and as hard as you can because that’s the world I know. Work harder and harder, until that chapter of your life has come to an end. ~ Darian

This time… Darian won’t let anyone bury their heads in the sand.