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Invisible Disabilities Association Community on Inspire

The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) has hosted the Invisible Disabilities Association Community (IDAC) online since 1999!

We are thrilled to announce that IDA was selected to be a Trusted Partner with Inspire and we launched our new and amazing home in early 2015.

With the IDAC now on Inspire, our members have access to over 150 support communities, more than 150 Trusted Partners like IDA and over 1,200,000 members!

JOIN HERE: The Invisible Disabilities Association Community

There are many more reasons to list as to why IDAC on Inspire is super incredible! Here are a few of the features members will enjoy on Inspire:

  • Easy to learn format.
  • More privacy and confidentiality.
  • Become part of the largest, most trusted community for patients and caregivers affected by serious medical conditions.
  • Receive information, encouragement, and hope from people who understand what you are going through and are making important decisions about their health.
  • Control your privacy settings and share as little or as much personal information as you’d like.
  • Keep a journal and share it with multiple groups at a time or just friends.
  • Control who sees your posts and journal entries.
  • Find important information and meet other members like you.
  • Get daily emails with a summary of information and conversations you may have missed.
  • Search topics to view posts across all of the groups on Inspire.
  • Search for friends in your area.
  • Members can communicate with new friends through private messaging without giving out emails or personal information.
  • Receive support from the Inspire team who is here to help you in your health journey.
  • Review the Inspire Community Guidelines.


Invite your friends! We will see you all there!

The IDA Team

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