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Do your loved ones have a hard time understanding how your symptoms such as extreme fatigue, pain, dizziness and cognitive impairments can be debilitating?

The Invisible Disabilities Association strives to help friends and family better understand chronic illness and pain, as well as learn how to be a source of encouragement and support.

IDA offers our book, pamphlets, videos, radio and television interviews to help you and your loved ones forge the journey with limiting conditions. Read our book excerpts and pamphlets online for FREE or order them from IDA’s Store.


But You LOOK Good Front CoverBut You LOOK Good! A Guide to Understanding and Encouraging People Living with Chronic Illness and Pain. This book gets to the heart of why our friends and family members have difficulty with continuing illness and pain. It helps them to understand that even though a person with a chronic condition may LOOK good, it does not mean they FEEL good! Moreover, it gives them simple, pragmatic ways to truly be an encouragement, what to say, what not to say and how to help. Read Excerpt of Part OneOrder this Book.


About the Invisible Disabilities Association – Who We Are and Our Purpose. Pamphlet helps you spread the word about invisible disabilities and IDA, the non-profit organization that reaches around the world to people living with chronic illness and pain.

Accessible Parking

Don’t Judge by Appearances – Parking with Invisible Disabilities.  Pamphlet helps people better understand the legal rights those with various disabilities have to park in an accessible parking space. It strives to shed a light on the fact that reserved spaces are not limited to disabilities that are readily visible to the onlooker. Order this Pamphlet

Chemicals in the Environment

Creating a Fragrance Free Zone – A Friendlier Atmosphere for People Living with Environmental Illness. Order this Pamphlet

Why Go Fragrance Free? Millions Report Adverse Reactions to Perfumes and Fragrances. Pamphlet for people who live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (or Environmental Illness) and their loved ones. Order this Pamphlet

Invisible Awareness

Looks Can Be Deceiving – Understanding What’s on the Inside, Despite What You See on the Outside. Order this Pamphlet

Multiple What?  Untangling the Perplexities of Multiple Sclerosis. An explanation of MS and how it’s symptoms and severity may differ from person to person. Order this Pamphlet

Why Don’t They Just Take Something? Living in the Gap. Loved ones often assume that if their friend or family member is still sick, they must be failing to do what their doctor is telling them to do. This article is a window into why this is not always the case! Order this Pamphlet

Service Animals

What Makes an Animal More Thank Just a Pet? – Service Animals Assist People with Many Types of Disabilities. Order this Pamphlet


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Proceeds help IDA continue to reach around the world with awareness, education, support and resources through our websites, book, pamphlets, videos, radio and television interviews, the Annual Awards Gala, events, seminars, the Invisible Disabilities Association Community and much more!


Invisible Disabilities: Television Interview with IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell. Comcast Newsmaker with Beverly Weaver.

Be Expedition Ready: Preparing for the Journey of Caregiving with Antarctic Mike Pierce and IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell.

Finding Humor in Difficult Times with Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, Hall of Fame Speaker. Part I, Part II, Part III.

IDA Brings Awareness and Support Around the World!

Invisible No More with IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell. We Envision a World Where People Living with Illness, Pain and Disability will be “Invisible No More!”(sm)

Invisible No More: 7 Realities of the Invisible Becoming Visible with IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell.

Invisible No More TV. This campaign was launched by the Invisible Disabilities Association to bring awareness to the challenges of living with invisible disabilities, education to friends and family and support to those living with debilitating conditions.

The Invisible War with Former Captain Luis Carlos Montalván and his service dog, Tuesday.

Keep Swingin’ with Former New York Mets Champion, Ed Hearn.

Living with Debilitating Illness and Pain with Sherri Connell, wife of Wayne Connell, the Invisible Disabilities Association Founder and President.

What to Say, What Not to Say and to Help People Living with Illness and Pain. National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week Lisa Copen interviewed IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell and Wife Sherri.

Not Handicapped Enough. HUFFPOST LIVE News. HUFFPOST LIVE by THE HUFFINGTON POST. Guests Wayne Connell, Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, Sherri Connell. Also with Elsa S. Henry.

Living with Brain Injury and Illness. Roselyn Saunders shares her inspirational and touching story of her challenges and triumphs.

Running the Race of Caregiving with Antarctic Mike and Angela Pierce. Angela is a survivor of a climbing accident who has been living with chronic pain and injuries for decades.


We have more amazing awareness, education and support videos, radio and television interviews from IDA!

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Invisible No More TV
Radio and Television Interviews