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2013 Living with Debilitating Illness – Sherri Connell, Special Guest

2012 Running the Race of Caregiving – Antarctic Mike and Angela Pierce

2012 Living with Brain Injury and Illness – Roselyn Saunders

2011 The Invisible War – Luis Carlos Montalván and His Service Dog, Tuesday

2011 A Lifelong Journey – Matt Barrett, Special Guest

2011 Imagine the Invisible Disability: Hearing Impairment – Lori Frisher, Special Guest

2010 The Story Behind IDA – Wayne Connell (short clip)

2010 Keep Swingin’ – Keynote Speaker, Ed Hearn (NY Mets World Series Champion)

2009 Finding Humor in Difficult Times – Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN

2009 Behind Every Face, There is a Story – Former IDA Executive Team, Doug Herman

2009 To the Pain – IDA Executive Team, Rick Watson

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