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2012 Roselyn Saunders Shares Her Inspirational Story

2012  Not Handicapped Enough

2012 A Tick Bite Changed My Life Forever

2012 Invisible Wounds, Invisible Disabilities

2011 The Invisible War – Luis Carlos Montalván and His Service Dog, Tuesday

2011 Invisible No More

2011 IDA Awards 1 Minute PSA

2011 IDA Brings Awareness and Support Around the World

2010 About the Invisible Disabilities Association – IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell

2010 The Story Behind IDA (short clip)

2010 Just Because It’s Invisible, Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy – Larry Hausner, American Diabetes Association (short clip)

2010 Invisible No More – IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell (short clip)

2010 We Can All Make a Difference – Gary Tedder, Accredited Members (short clip)

2010 A Salute to IDA – Doug Ullman, Livestrong (short clip)

2010 A Challenge to Everyone – Gary Tedder, Accredited Members (short clip)

2010 Reaching Down and Picking Someone Else Up – Gary Tedder, Accredited Members (short clip)

2009 IDA Fills a Major Role – Dr. Ron Sokol, The Children’s Hospital (short clip)

2009 Wayne and Sherri – Peter Strople, Zero2 Holdings (short clip)

2009 We Can All Step Up – Peter Strople, Zero2 Holdings (short clip)

2008 What is the Invisible Disabilities Association (formerly Advocate) – IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell

2008 The Plight of Living with Invisible Disabilities – Former IDA Executive Team, Ginger Goins

2008 The Vital Work of the Invisible Disabilities Association (formerly Advocate)  – IDA Executive Team, Rick Watson

2005 Woman with Invisible Disabilities Wins the Inspiration Award – Sherri Connell

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