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Help people understand pain & illness, even if you look fine to them.

help people understand pain & illnessYou can help people understand pain & illness. Do your loved ones have a hard time understanding your chronic illness or pain because to them you look fine? But You LOOK Good – How to Encourage and Understand People Living with Illness and Pain is a book that gives those living with chronic illness and pain a voice. It expresses how they feel, what they need and how others can be an encouragement to them. This book is a convenient, informative way to educate everyone about what people living with ongoing illness and pain struggle with, fight for and need from their friends and family. It is easy to read, gives practical ideas on how loved ones can be supportive, and is short enough to keep the readers interested.

An important tool for caregivers, family & friends. Help people understand pain & illness.

This book gets to the heart of why our friends and family have difficulty understanding ongoing illnesses and pain.  It gives them simple ways to encourage. It’s a tool to help explain to loved ones the extreme fatigue, pain, dizziness, cognitive impairments and other symptoms. Even though the person may not look sick or in pain, these symptoms are limiting. Moreover, it gives them simple, pragmatic ways to truly be an encouragement, what to say, what not to say and how to help. Often loved ones are enlightened as to why their well-meaning advice is not always well-received. It is cherished by both those living with illness or injury, as well as those who love them! This book will help people understand pain & illness in ways they never considered and it will improve your relationship. IDA Store  – Now Available on Kindle

See what others are saying about But You LOOK Good! and how it can help people understand pain & illness.

“I always wished I could find a book like this! The information on your site is great. t’s so hard to explain MS or invisible disabilities to others. I am grateful to you for writing your book and making it available.” – Brenda, Indiana

Terrific insights and communicated clearly…my husband said it finally opened his eyes to what I had been trying to say all these years. Thanks.”   – Sue, New Jersey

“I just finished reading the [But You LOOK Good] book and although I found myself filling up with tears on almost each and every page, I enjoyed it immensely.” – Bonnie, Rhode Island

“My husband read [the book] straight away and I actually got a cup of tea in bed this morning, what a treat!” – Kris, Australia

“This is the best book I have ever read in regard to invisible disabilities…I have had such a hard time explaining what I go through and how I feel.  While reading the book, I cried and cried because it described me to a tee. I think you are a wonderful person for putting all of this in writing and making it understandable. Thank you so much.” – Debbie, Virginia

Families Find Healing and Shared Understand After Reading But You LOOK Good!

“I encouraged my mom to order your book, But You LOOK Good.  She said it’s helped her to better understand that [just] because I look ok on the outside, doesn’t mean I feel ok on the inside. I am grateful for your site and your book, I don’t think my mom would have ever understood without it. She’s passed it along throughout the family. Everyone who has read it so far has had a better understanding of what just daily life does to me. Thank you so much for writing this book, and sharing it with us, it truly has been a godsend to me.” – Kelli, Illinois

“You have said what I have wanted to say to so many people for so many years. I have suffered with Crohn’s disease for 35 years. I’ve never been able to find anyone who could understand what it’s like to suffer with an illness like this. It can affect every aspect of my life, all the while I am looking (for the most part) normal on the outside. Not that I have been searching for pity, just some understanding. My thanks goes out to you!” – Matt, Washington

“My Dad used to hassle me every single time that I saw him. It had gotten to the point that I rarely ever went to my Parents home anymore. And when I did it would be for no more than 10 minutes at a time. The times were rare. I gave my Mom and Dad each a copy of your book. I know that my Dad read the whole thing. He has been transformed, literally. Now he never says a word to me about my back injury anymore. He used to say things like, “Hurry up and get back to work, or your going to lose your job.” He was always hostile to me over nothing. What an utter Blessing your book has been to me in my life. You put on paper ‘exactly’ the words that people who have never had a ‘Chronic Illness’ NEED to read. Thank you so very much for being responsible for getting some of the people in my life to clearly understand what all I have to go through just to manage to do the simplest of my daily needs, not to mention all of the things that I do that lay me up for days at a time.” – Jerry, California

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