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Jessica Smith - ID Ambassador - Invisible Disabilities Association

Jessica Smith

I am a everyday fighter of multiple invisible disabilities, I try not to let it affect my life but some moments I know it is truly hard. Being a fighter of cancer 3-times, having severe fibromyalgia, chronic pains all over my body, massive thyroid issues, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, narcolepsy, CHF, Restless leg syndrome, neurological issues and maybe a few other things I missed.

IDA Ambassador – Colorado

Jessica Smith is a 18 plus year veteran to pageantry holding numerous local, state, national and international titles. She currently holds the title for  America’s Super Queen and Mrs. Pueblo County United International 2019-Colorado and competes soon in Parker, Colorado for the state title for United International. She is also a volunteering addict!!

Favorite Memory/Moment: Beating cancer-thyroid twice and uterine once- for the 3rd time on Oct. 18, 2016. She has almost been in remission for 7 years.

Favorite Vacation spot: I am a traveling addict!!! I love to go to the England, Ireland, Scotland and France. The culture, food, atmosphere is all so different and amazing and enriching.

Platform: My platform is InvSEEble No More-Invisible Disabilities Association. Helping more than 73% of America’s population deal with invisible disabilities like what I have which affect my everyday needs and abilities.

Charity/Volunteering: IDA Ambassador since early 2018, the American Cancer Society/Relay For Life – State Representative for Pueblo- Cancer Survivor Chair & Social Medial Chair, Girls Scouts of Colorado-Leader and Service Unit Chair, St. Jude’s of Colorado Committee and Volunteer.

You honestly have No idea when you look at me, a 35 year old woman that should be in her prime but unfortunately I haven’t been able to work the job I love as a Radiology/ Cat Scan Technologist since 2008. I hope some day there will truly be a cure for all and something that truly helps the Invisible Disabled person(s) find true light. It’s something that’s hard to live with and I know I am sooo NOT giving up on helping those in need. ~ Jessica