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Disability ID Card - National Disability ID - Promo - Invisible Disabilities Association

The IDA logo is the universal symbol for disability and our goal is that it will be recognized by: first responders and medical personnel; retail establishments; transportation companies and facilities; educational institutions; hospitality venues and accommodations; your friends, families and coworkers; and ultimately the public at large. Send them to for ideas on ways they can provide you help.

We hope this Identification Card will support you in living with illness, pain or disability if you are in need of help while in public locations. You are not alone! Many people living with invisible disabilities report they are often overlooked or even disregarded, because their challenges are not evident to others. Even if you use an assistive device like a wheelchair, scooter, crutches or cane, others may still not know if you need help or what your needs are. This ID Card may be worn around your neck or kept in your pocket or wallet. Present the ID Card to help you request assistance.

We are so excited for you to receive your National Disability Identification Card! By placing this order for the Invisible Disabilities® Association’s National Disability ID Card, you are indicating you have a disability, a chronic illness or in chronic pain and understand this card is not a government issued ID Card and does not guarantee any special privileges for the ID Card holder.

National Disability ID Card - International Disability ID Badge - Invisible Disabilities Association

In addition to this National Disability ID Card, we are pursuing legislation via our National Disability ID Initiative in all 50 states! This would allow for voluntary disclosure with placement of the universal disability symbol on government IDs for anyone with any disability, illness or chronic pain. The universal disability symbol will help provide recognition of a disability and the possible need for reasonable accommodations. Alaska is the first state to have passed this much needed legislation and IDA is currently working directly with legislators across the nation to advance this initiative. And we want your help! Details at