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Isabella Hoehn – IDA Ambassador

Isabella Hoehn
IDA Ambassador

To others, Isabella Hoehn may look like the average freshman in high school. She loves riding horses, skiing, spending time with friends and family, and shopping. However, as a young child, her life looked much different. Growing up, she was diagnosed with absence seizures. The seizures not only impacted her academics, but the ability to do every day kid things with friends and family. After many hospital stays, medicines, and finally a change in diet, Isabella is now seizure free but she won’t forget how hard those years with seizures were and how it has impacted the person she is today. Isabella is passionate about helping others who may experience the difficulties she faced when she was younger. She has worked with the Make a Wish foundation, Harvesters, a local food pantry, and also speaks to preschoolers and elementary children about the dangers of bullying.