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Lauren Pires - Speaker - Ambassador for Invisible Disabilities Association

Lauren Pires

Lauren Pires is an award-winning invisible disabilities speaker. Born with Central Core Disease (CCD), a rare neuromuscular disorder causing persistent muscle weakness, Lauren has about 33% strength of the average person, but is known for her 100% spirit.

IDA Ambassador – Ontario Canada

Lauren Pires, an award-winning speaker on invisible disabilities, is a beacon of resilience and inspiration. Born with Central Core Disease (CCD), a rare neuromuscular disorder, Lauren’s story of navigating life and dating with an invisible physical disability has resonated on platforms like Speaker Slam, North America’s largest inspirational speaking competition, where she secured a spot in the 7th annual Grand Slam finals in 2023. Though Lauren has about 33% strength of the average person, she’s known for her 100% spirit.

Growing up with a rare neuromuscular disorder, I was misdiagnosed at 12 years old (and undiagnosed prior) and finally diagnosed with Central Core Disease (CCD) at 21. At 26, I founded a Facebook group for people around the world with CCD, and it was the first time I experienced a sense of community around other people who could relate to living with the disability. Being involved with the IDA is important to me for both that same sense of community, and the opportunity to be a positive representation of all that you can accomplish while living with a disability.

Beyond her advocacy, Lauren is the PR & Media Lead for #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada. With over a decade in the nonprofit arts and festival industry, she’s been instrumental in amplifying diverse artists and bringing culturally rich entertainment to the Greater Toronto Area. Her academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree and diploma in Media Studies and Public Relations from the University of Guelph-Humber.

Lauren’s story and advocacy have been featured on CityNews Toronto, and the Invisible Disabilities Association’s InVisible InCourage podcast. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Lauren continues to inspire and raise awareness for invisible disabilities in both her professional and personal endeavors.