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Mike Brewer Invisible Disabilities Association Board Member

Mike Brewer

For me its personal. I have several family members who are affected by invisible disabilities and by working with the Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) I believe I can help make a difference in theirs and the lives of many others. I bring extensive technology and healthcare data experience with a deep understanding of the application of processing healthcare information. I have over 20 years of leadership experience in working with community-based volunteer organizations and I believe I can apply that experience as an IDA Board member to help take us to the next level of community understanding, financial stability, and understanding of our mission. All of which will benefit those I care about!

IDA Board Treasurer

Mike Brewer  joined the IDA Board of Directors in 2018. Mike brings over 25 years of technology experience in the real world as both a businessman and as a technologist, providing high-level oversight and executive representation.  Educated as a Physicist, he brings an extremely successful problem-solving history and mentality to bear on billon dollar business problems leveraging technology as a tool to address issues on an executive level that often means the difference between success and failure. 

Focusing on immediate impact results, Mike has repeatedly gone in with a small team focus and educated senior level management, governmental and private industry leaders on how best to leverage their existing technology stack while also leading the effort to implement those solutions.  He has also worked as a private consultant to executive decision makers, in such areas as cost reductions and process improvements in systems engineering, compliance, category management, supply chain management, data flow and information management.  Mike has extensive experience in cross-system alignment and systems change in the health care industry. Mike founded and CEO of a software company, Allurdata Inc., that provides software solutions to the healthcare industry.

In Addition, Mike started and runs an energy company, Gravaton Energy Resources, that aims to bring low-cost, sustainable energy to  market. Mike invented a system that takes daily air temperature changes and converts those changes into mechanically stored energy that can be released  later to power devices such as generators or pumps. 

Mike is also extensively involved throughout the year in leadership roles within the community for several non-profit organizations that provide support for projects such as providing school supplies, scholarships, and medical/vision/hearing/speech assistance to children in need within our communities.