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Brian J Esposito - Invisible Disabilities Association - Director of Development

Brian J Esposito

“Since being introduced to Invisible Disabilities Association in 2013, I quickly learned not only how important this organization is to the world, but how many people do not get the attention, resources, support, or the acknowledgment they need simply because they do not have a visible condition that can quickly be identified. 
IDA will always have my full support, especially in today’s world where I believe the entire global population is experiencing constant stresses, anxieties, and fears that are resulting in invisible disabilities.  Causes stem from the worldwide health pandemic, economic uncertainties, political unrest, protests, riots, food & water shortages, and country civil wars surrounded by group movements and vaccine beliefs.  Now more than ever we need the support of organizations like IDA and I am honored to be part of such a meaningful cause and to help support the core team and founders.” ~ Brian

Director of Development

Brian J Esposito brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any team with his drive, ethics, and passion of connecting executives around the globe.  Brian founded Esposito Intellectual Enterprises 20 years ago. What started as packing beauty supplies to professional and retail consumers has grown into a holding company with operations in media, liquor, music, apparel, sea exploration, aviation, space, crypto currency, hemp, oil & gas, mining, tv & film, and technology. 

Ranked among the world’s Top 10 CEOs for 2020 in The World CEO Rankings Awards by Adria Management, LLC, Brian J. Esposito is the founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC, (EIE). An award-winning serial entrepreneur and business leader, he is recently renowned for being a core part of an innovative team to build Nodle—the world’s largest wireless network and ecosystem of connected devices—and for one of his early businesses, which ranked among The Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000 for six consecutive years. 

In December 2019, Brian was featured in The Corporate Investment Times, the next-gen investment magazine in the Middle East. With over 20 years of experience in high-profile executive roles involving complex business challenges and high-stakes decisions, Brian founded Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE) in New York in 2013. Wholly owned by Brian, EIE currently has 65 entities within it and over 150 joint ventures that have been accumulated around the world over the last 20 years. 

To date, there are over 25 industry focuses and just one degree separating any industry or market that Brian may want to enter into and do business in. With a technique that he spent years perfecting, Brian connects not only the right people, but the right people at the right time. “Integrity is at the core of who we are and what we do at EIE. We strive to do good business with good people,” he says.