Wayne Connell - Founder & President - Invisible Disabilities Association
Wayne Connell
Founder, President & CEO

Wayne has an extensive background in retail sales, management and telecom engineering. He obtained a BA in Television and radio broadcasting in 1990. Wayne also has further training in many areas of business and speaking. Wayne has been married to Sherri since 1994. They do not have any children, because of Sherri’s illness, but they do have three very loving and entertaining pets.

Wayne knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sherri, even if it meant dealing with pain and suffering. However, Wayne had no idea that his decision would lead to having a heart for all who live with chronic illness and pain.

Wayne’s desire to help others who struggle with disabilities has become a passion for him. Wayne has seen so many friends and families torn apart by chronic conditions. This is why he founded this organization, Invisible Disabilities Association.

Wayne Connell is joined by medical and business professionals on the Leadership Boards of IDA. This is a group of people who have hearts for those who are hurting and living with health challenges. Their desire is to reach out to the community through booklets, pamphlets, articles, videos, radio interviews, seminars, events, social networks and collaboration with other organizations to help bridge the gap of understanding and support for millions like Sherri. They have already heard countless stories of how IDA has helped loved ones reunite their disengaged relationships and they yearn to continue on this journey with the Invisible Disabilities Association.

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