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Peter Strople Invisible Disabilities Association Advisory Board
Peter Strople

Peter Strople is the 2009 recipient of the IDA Founders Honors Award. Peter was chosen based upon his passionate bridging of relationships and building of networks to help organizations serving the disabled, chronically ill and disadvantaged achieve new heights in care, reach and sustainability.

Peter Strople - Dina Dwyer -Donna DeBerry -Wayne Connell Invisible Disabilities Association
Peter Strople, Dina Dwyer,
Donna DeBerry, Wayne Connell

He has been called one of the world’s great rain makers and is thought by many to be one of the most connected people in the world. Considered one of the top business strategists dealing with “Instant Change,” he is an avid student of business and relationships and has developed unique techniques to address and refocus a company’s strategy in a few hours versus a few months. He calls on a Dream List of Global business, organizational and political leaders to provide Instant feedback to validate business ideas, strategy, leadership and investments.