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ChurchCleaner Indoor Air strives to educate churches and other religious groups on how to create a less threatening environment for a growing number of people who report mild to serious reactions to synthetic fragrances and chemicals. These efforts do not claim to be “foolproof” nor a solution for every case.  However, in many situations, these changes can help to remove some barriers keeping people from entering a building.

Once educated on the numbers of people living with asthma, allergies and/or MCS, many churches may have interest in asking staff and/or visitors not to wear perfumes or fragrances, using fans and air purifiers in the restrooms instead of air fresheners and/or using alternative cleaning products.

Help make a change in your community with the Cleaner Indoor Air Campaign’s letters, posters and pamphlets!

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Poster for Churches

Choose Friendships Over Fragrances

Creating a Fragrance-Free Zone Pamphlet

Why Go Fragrance-Free? Pamphlet