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Enjoy These Posters for Your Home, Office, Medical Facility or Church! We do not charge for people to print these. However, we do ask that you please consider a donation in any amount if you do print any of our posters or publications. Thank you!

Read More About Our Project, Choose Friendships Over Fragrances.

Posters and Signs for Personal Use:

Don’t Let a Loved One Go Missing From Your Life

Go Fragrance-Free Today and Let Your Family Breathe

No Fragrances or Scented Products in This Home

Free a Loved One Feeling Trapped, Isolated and Alone

Walk Away from Fragrances, Not from Friends and Family

Posters and Signs for Businesses:

No Perfumes, Scented Lotions, Sprays etc. – Office

Posters and Signs for Medical Facilities:

No Perfumes, Scented Lotions, Sprays etc.

No Perfumes, Scented Lotions, Sprays etc.

No Fragrances – For Hospital Room

Posters and Signs for Churches:

For the Comfort of Our Congregation, Please No Fragrances