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▪ Turns out that the chemicals used in fabric softeners, including the fragrance chemicals, can cause serious trouble with your central nervous system! Exposure can be through inhalation from the exhaust of dryers or from skin contact with the treated fabrics. Symptoms include (but are not limited to): Disorientation, Dizziness, Headaches, Memory Loss, Neck and Spine Pain, Dermatitis. Let’s look at a few of the toxic chemicals in fabric softeners:

Alpha-Terpineol – “highly irritating to mucous membranes”…”aspiration into lungs can produce neumonitis or even fatal edema”…”can also cause loss of muscular coordination”—-”Prevent repeated or prolonged skin contact”

Benzyl Acetate – “Carcinogenic (linked to pancreatic cancer). “from vapors: irritating to eyes and respiratory passages, exciting cough”….”can be absorbed through the skin causing systemic effects”…”do not flush to sewer.” Benzyl Alcohol—”irritating to the upper respiratory tract”…”headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drop in blood pressure, depression, and death in sever cases due to respiratory failure”.

Camphor – On EPA’s Hazardous Waste List. “readily absorbed through the body tissues”…”irritation of eyes, skin, nose and throat”…”dizziness, confusion, nausea, twitching muscles and convulsions”…”avoid inhalation of vapors.”

Chloroform – “probable human carcinogen. Inhalation and ingestion are harmful and may be fatal. May cause reproductive damage. Irritant.”… “ may cause dermatitis.”

Ethyl Acetate – Narcotic. “may cause headache and narcosis”…”may cause anemia with leukocytosis and damage to liver and kidneys”…”wash thoroughly after handling.”

Limonene – Carcinogenic. “prevent its’ contact with skin or eyes because it is an irritant and sensitizer”…”always wash thoroughly after using this material and before eating or drinking”…”do not inhale limonene vapor.”

Linalool – Narcotic. “respiratory disturbances”…”in animal tests: ataxic gait, reduced spontaneous motor activity and depression… depressed heart activity… development of respiratory disturbances leading to death.”

Pentane – “danger – harmful if inhaled… avoid breathing vapor” …”inhalation of vapors may cause headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, irritation of respiratory tract and loss of consciousness. Prolonged exposure can cause dermatitis.”


The Toxic Danger of Fabric Softener and Dryer