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Cleaner Indoor Air Campaigns: Choose Friendships Over Fragrances, as well as Campaigns for Business, Medical and Churches.

Cleaner Indoor Air Information Sheets: Air Fresheners, Building and Transportation, Fragrance Free Health Care, Fragrance Tidbits, Laundry Products.

Cleaner Indoor Air Pamphlets: Creating a Fragrance Free Zone / Why Go Fragrance Free?

Cleaner Indoor Air Posters: Medical, Business, Churches and Personal Posters.

Cleaner Indoor Air Information on Studies: Chemicals in Personal Care Products, Prevalence of MCS, Asthma, Allergies and more.

Cleaner Indoor Air Audio: Radio Interview with Dr. Anne Steinnemann by Lynn Argent of Living in a Chemical Soup.


Creating a Fragrance-Free Zone – A Friendlier Atmosphere for Those Living with Environmental Illness

Employees with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness – Accommodation and Compliance Series by Job Accommodation Network