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Cleaner Indoor Air Campaigns: Choose Friendships Over Fragrances, as well as Campaigns for Business, Medical and Churches.

Cleaner Indoor Air Information Sheets: Air Fresheners, Building and Transportation, Fragrance Free Health Care, Fragrance Tidbits, Laundry Products.

Cleaner Indoor Air Pamphlets: Creating a Fragrance Free Zone / Why Go Fragrance Free?

Cleaner Indoor Air Posters: Medical, Business, Churches and Personal Posters.

Cleaner Indoor Air Information on Studies: Chemicals in Personal Care Products, Prevalence of MCS, Asthma, Allergies and more.

Cleaner Indoor Air Audio: Radio Interview with Dr. Anne Steinnemann by Lynn Argent of Living in a Chemical Soup.


A Review of a Two-Phase Population Study of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

An Overview of MCS by Cynthia Wilson

Biomarkers of MCS

BodyBurden (the pollution in people)

Boy killed by deodorant fumes: coroner

Case-control study of genotypes in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity- International Journal of Epidemiology

Dr. Martin L. Pall – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Toxicological and Sensitivity Mechanisms

MCS Brochure by Christiane Tourtet B.A. Founder/President of International MCS Awareness

MCS Overview, Triggers and Research Findings (Decrease cerebral blood flow, porphyria, P450, nitic oxide)

More than 12% of Population Reports Extreme Sensitivity to Low Levels of Common Chemicals

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities – What it is, what it is not, and how it is manifested. Article by Sheila Bastien PhD

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Under Siege by Ann McCampbell, M.D.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity-the End of Controversy by Dr. Martin Pall

Obituaries of People with MCS

Pesticides in our Bodies

Prevalence of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities by Stanley M. Caress, PhD, and Anne C. Steinemann, PhD

Recognition of Illness Associated with Chemical Exposure (from CDC)

SPECT Brain Scan of MCS Patient’s Brain Before and After Challenge with Perfume Inhalation