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In 2005, Sherri Connell was chosen to receive the very coveted Inspiration Award from Hal O’Leary and the Colorado Rockies Charity Fund with President, Keli McGregor. Sherri was a very active and goal oriented person until she was “stopped in her tracks,” due to disabling chronic illness and pain from Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease. In effort to help friends and family better understand her losses and challenges, Sherri started writing in her journal and making copies for her loved ones.

One day, her husband, Wayne, offered to place her writings on the internet to help explain to those around them how she is no longer able to work and even needs daily help at home, even though she “looked” fine to others. Much to their surprise, the Connells received countless emails from people around the world stating what Sherri wrote was exactly how they felt and what they had been trying to say to their friends and family.

Wayne took on the challenge and incorporated the website, the Invisible Disabilities Association (formerly Advocate) into a non-profit organization in 2004. Wayne is joined by several business and medical professionals. IDA now reaches out with pamphlets, booklets, resources, a social network, seminars and more!

Sherri also received the 2008 IDA Founder’s Award.

Due to the severity of Sherri’s condition, she is not an employee nor a board member of IDA.

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