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The Invisible Disabilities Association strives to bring awareness about chronic illness, pain and injury to friends, family, co-workers, businesses and more. Check out our booklet, pamphlets and videos that address living with invisible disabilities. Read our booklet excerpts and pamphlets online for FREE or order them here.

But You LOOK Good!  A Guide to Understanding and Encouraging People Living with Chronic Illness and Pain. This 56 page book gets to the heart of why our friends and family members have difficulty with continuing illness and pain. It helps them to understand that even though a person with a chronic condition may LOOK good, it does not mean they FEEL good! Moreover, it gives them simple, pragmatic ways to truly be an encouragement, what to say, what not to say and how to help. Read Pamphlet Excerpt of Part OneOrder Booklet or Pamphlet.

Don’t Judge by Appearances – Accessible Parking Rights and Needs for People with Invisible Disabilities. Order this Pamphlet.

Looks Can Be Deceiving Understanding What’s on the Inside, Despite What You See on the Outside. Order this Pamphlet.

Multiple What? Untangling the Perplexities of Multiple Sclerosis. An explanation of MS and how it’s symptoms and severity may differ from person to person. Order this Pamphlet.

Why Don’t They Just Take Something? Living in the Gap. Loved ones often assume that if their friend or family member is still sick, they must be failing to do what their doctor is telling them to do. This article is a window into why this is not always the case. Order this Pamphlet.