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Evian Gordon MD PhD - My Brain Solutions - 2015 Brain IDEAS Symposium - Invisible Disabiltieis Association
Evian Gordon MD PhD

Dr. Evian Gordon is a developer of the field of Integrative Neuroscience, which consolidates information about how the brain functions at a physical, biological, and emotional level, and brings objective measures to psychiatry. He is the author of the Brain 1-2-4 model, a widely accessible method of understanding how the brain functions.

Dr. Gordon is the founder and CEO of Brain Resource, Inc., which integrates brain research from over 350 scientists within leading institutions in 28 countries to encourage peak performance, and address addiction, depression, ADHD and other disorders. Brain Resource produces, an integrated online series of interactive applications to know and train new brain habits.

In addition, Dr. Gordon established Brain, a non-profit organization to empower children with methods to explore and train their brains. He has published over 300 scientific papers and two books.

He is an avid painter, and has exhibited his work in New York and San Francisco.  Dr. Gordon is based in San Francisco.

Dr. Gordon was the recipient of the Invisible Disabilities Association’s 2015 Innovation Award.

Brain IDEAS Symposium Info

Evian Gordon PhD MD - 2015 Brain IDEAS Symposium - Mental Training

Evian Gordon PhD MD - 2015 Brain IDEAS Symposium - Health Panel