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Season 2


The Invisible Disabilities Association’s 2016 Brain IDEAS symposium focused on Brain Disorders, Brain Health, and Brain Therapy. Nine expert speakers delivered dynamic, science, and story-filled talks on Neuroplasticity, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, Nutrition, Microbiome, Mental Training, Therapeutic Humor, Stroke, PTSD, EMDR and TBI. Expert-led panels concluded each section allowing attendees to interact with presenters. 


Healthy Living Award  – Daniel G Amen MD

Daniel G Amen MD has been chosen to be the recipient of IDA\’s 2016 Healthy Living Award based upon his lifelong passion for finding healthy and positive life changing solutions for patients who live daily with chronic illness. Thank you, Dr Amen for leading the way in using brain science to promote healthier lifestyles.

Research Award – John B Arden PhD


John B Arden PhD has been chosen to be the recipient of IDA\’s 2016 Research Award based upon his cutting edge research in  neuroscience and psychotherapy and therefore synthesizing the biological and psychological into a new vision for psychotherapy: Brain-Based Therapy. Dr Arden\’s best selling book, Rewire Your Brain provides a practical approach to living a vibrant life through a synthesis of psychology, mindfulness, nutritional neuroscience, social intelligence and facts about the brain’s capacity for neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.


Innovation Award – Bruce E Wexler MD

Bruce E Wexler MD has been chosen to be the recipient of IDA\’s 2016 Innovation Award based upon his vision and innovation as the Founder of C8 Sciences. C8 Sciences brings together cutting edge cognitive software, physical exercise and cognitive assessments from the National Institute of Health to improve the core cognitive functions in Children with ADHD and other disorders.


Brain Disorders

Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome

Huntington Potter PhD

Director, Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center, University of Colorado


Ron Minson MD

Clinical Director, Integrated Listening Systems

ADHD and Attention Deficit Disorders

Bruce E Wexler MD

Founding Scientist – C8 Sciences, Professor of Psychiatry – Yale Medical School

Disorders Panel Moderator

John Arden PhD

Chief Academic Officer, Institute of Brain Potential,  Author of Rewire Your Brain

Brain Health

The Gut – Brain Axis

Jon Clinthorne PhD

Nutrition Education Specialist Supervisor, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

Mental Training

Heidi Hanna PhD

Co-founder, Institute for Integrative Neuroscience – Chief Energy Officer, SYNERGY, Author

Therapeutic Humor

Karyn Buxman RN MSN CSP CPAE

Director of Training, SYNERGY, Neurohumorist, Author

Health Panel Moderator

Katherine Puckett PhD MS MSW LCSW

Chief, Division of Mind-Body Medicine, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Brain Therapy

Stroke Recovery Therapy

Karen Custer PTA

Founding Director, StART, Stroke Active Recovery Therapy

PTSD, Phantom Pain and EMDR

Robert Tinker PhD

Psychologist, Author, Researcher – EMDR Clinician and Trainer

Traumatic Brain Injury TBI

Michael Pierce DC DACNB FACFN

Chiropractic Neurologist – Asst Prof, Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation 

Therapy Panel Moderator

Lacey Berumen PhD MNM CAC III

Second Vice President – Board, National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI – Faculty Member, University of Phoenix