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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have just read your section on MS and you articulated what I experience so well… Maggie, CA: MSEarlyRetProfGroup Support Leader

Your pamphlet on MS is terrific! Relates to my life over the last 20 years. It is good to know that someone else understands… Susan, Florida

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I read an article about “Coping with Invisible MS” and just wanted to write in and say “thank you!” to you for writing an article that so perfectly describes my frustration with people not understanding that yes – I AM sick. I may not look sick, but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING! … Yvonne, Massachusetts

Not many believe that I have M.S. I get very little support from family. They think that it is all fake and that I just want others to do my work and that I am not as tired and strung out as I say I am. I look too good most of the time to be sick anyway. god bless you work, keep up the good work… CONNIE, Ohio

I enjoyed the article in Avonex newsletter. That is how I found out about the site. It fits me perfectly. People always say “YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE YOU’RE SICK” I get so tired of hearing that. Thanks to everyone that made this possible… Lisa, Georgia

The article in The Alliance Exchange was excellent. I was diagnosed April of 1999 with MS. Thank God I am able to go to work everyday, but at the same time, everyone thinks I’m O.K. I was out for 8 weeks when I was first diagnosed and haven’t been out of work since. Because of this, they think I’m over whatever I had back in April of 1999. I can relate to this article really well. I have to say I do get great support from my family, but like you said in the article, friends don’t understand, I wish they would… Patty, Pennsylvania

I thank you for a place I can go to feel validated. I have multiple sclerosis and have a handicapped sticker. I, too, have experienced hateful looks and notes that made me cry. I appreciate a site where people understand what I am going through… Bobbie

Your site has given me the information necessary to purvey the actual trials and daily tribulations I deal with my MS. Thank you for being there and helping me and others to better understand my own disease… Wendell, Texas

I actually read an article about Sherri in my Alliance Exchange from Avonex. I was diagnosed with MS two years ago and I too have the invisible kind, but people can’t feel what its like to have numbness in both hands all the time, or to be so tired at the end of the day, that you go to bed before your two small children. I just want to thank Sherri for developing this site… Cynthia

This really is a terrific resource for those of us living with invisible or ‘hidden’ disabilities. Congratulations to all involved. Sites like this are what the web is truly about… Julie, Jooly’s Joint

I have had MS since 1997 and my symptoms are getting worse by the years and friends and family are always asking me how do I feel like they don’t believe that I have this disease. I want to thank you for this web site I feel like I’m not alone anymore. THANKS… Hector, Pennsylvania

“I was told about this site in 2001 after a bout with Guillain Barre Syndrome (very rare nerve disease).  I was then diagnosed with MS 9/06.  I took a couple of booklets that I purchased from you to my ms support group.  I would like to buy some more booklets to hand out to individuals in my MS group.  I will place the order tomorrow.  Your advice and info in the booklet is really appreciated by everyone that I have shared it with.  Thank you so much.”  Mary, CA

I just hate it when people say “Oh, I’m always forgetting things too” or ” I’m tired as well…so much to do”. I’m tired of trying to explain it’s completely different. Thanks for your site… Julie

I have M.S. and I cannot make my husband understand he cannot see how I feel please help… Debbie, South Carolina

The only thing I can say is may God bless you. My MS has recently migrated to my spinal cord and I am in unbearable pain. But because it is invisible I am very much alone. . . until I found your web site. Thank you!… Mary

I read the courageous article about Sherri Connell in the Nov. issue. My daughter was diagnosed @ 18. She is 23, Sr. at U.C. Davis and doing well. I am always moved by someone that is powerful enough to do what you have done… Bob

I was diagnosed with ms 2~ years ago. It is good to see sites like this. I don’t think a “non-sufferer” knows what we really go through. Its tough but we can do it! Anyone recently diagnosed, and looking at the (UGH!) shots, I noticed a difference since the start of Avonex… Dave, Maryland

You have great info on MS and it was good to read all that. I have had MS for 4 years now and this is the first site that really made sense to me. Thank You! … Jody, Pennsylvania

I would LOVE to distribute the article, ‘Multiple What?’ to my family, friends and co-workers. I have MS and CRIED when I read this. It is right on target… Meg, Indiana

I was recently diagnosed with R/R MS (November of this year) I am struggling with the concept. The existence of this website is very comforting… Cal, Minnesota

I saw the article in the ms thing it was great from one ms-er to another… Sharon, Virginia