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dianedikephdDiane Dike, PhD was chosen for the IDA Inspiration Honors Award based upon her outstanding work through her organization, Second Chance with Saving Grace by educating, encouraging and enriching the lives of people who live with chronic illness, pain and injury. Diane uses her personal journey through illness as a way to inspire people of all ages through her children books and her autobiography.

Diane Dike is the founder of Second Chance with Saving Grace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and help to those in need. Her heartbreaking and courageous story inspires people to overcome their challenges. Her autobiography called, God Made Only One of Me is a page turner you can’t put down. She is also the author of The Adventures of Gracie and Diane book series for children and animal lovers of all ages. She is a gifted teacher, singer, and speaker living in the Vail Valley of Colorado with her husband Paul, and Service Dog, Gracie.

In spite of Diane’s serious health challenges her enthusiasm and passion transform hearts everywhere. Gracie her Service Dog is the world’s first rescued Italian Greyhound Service Dog helping a woman with a rare and incurable blood disease. Diane rescued Grace and Gracie rescued Diane right back. Now they impact our world with their love by visiting hospitals, prisoners, churches, and civic organizations with a message of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. They deliver Love Kits around the world to those who are sick or suffering!


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