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The Push Logo - Skateboarding Relay Across America - Supporting - Invisible Disabilities Association

 June 20th – July 7th

3,185 Total Miles – 17 Days & 6 Hours

06/20 – 179 Miles

06/21 – 160 Miles

06/22 – 146 Miles

06/23 – 201 Miles

06/24 – 216 Miles

06/25 – 166 Miles

06/26 – 191 Miles

06/27 – 228 Miles

06/28 – 191 Miles

06/29 – 208 Miles

06/30 – 200 Miles

07/01 – 186 Miles

07/02 – 186 Miles

07/03 – 185 Miles

07/04 – 151 Miles

07/05 – 200 Miles

07/06 – 135 Miles

07/07 – 56 Miles

The Push – A Skateboarding Relay Across America

Benefitting the Invisible Disabilities Association

On June 20th, the team of Paul Kent, Miles Kipper, Andy Andras and Rick Stubblefield will attempt to set the Fastest Known Time for a skateboarding relay across America. The Push will begin on June 20th in Williamsburg, Virginia and finish in Newport, Oregon. The team’s support will be provided by Jack Smith, legendary skateboard and record holder himself, who has crossed the US 5 times throughout his life. Jack will be joined by his son, Dylan, who crossed the US in 2013 with his dad.

Williamsburg, Virginia to Newport, Oregon

1st Leg

2nd Leg

3rd Leg

4th Leg

5th Leg

6th Leg

The Push- The Journey

The Skateboarders

Paul Kent - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Invisible Disabilities Association

Paul Kent

The mission of the IDA hits home for me, so it’s really great to be able to support them by doing something I can do.
~ Paul

Paul is a pioneer of skate-packing, combining his love for multi-day backpacking and skateboarding. His cross country pursuits, experience in downhill skateboarding and his keen interest in sport science made him a prime candidate for competing in long distance skateboard races. He is most known for his contribution to the Long Treks on Skate Decks YouTube series. Paul Lives in Calgary Canada, and is semi- retired from racing. These days he has returned to his roots and spends most of his skate time riding long remote roads with his backpack, or introducing children to the sport and its safe practices.

Miles Kipper

Our trip has proved the IDA belief that we can do as a team what we could never do alone.
~ Miles

Miles Kipper is a Minneapolis based skater with more than 20 years of long board experience. He is the cohost of the long boarding podcast, LDP Cast and the current record holder at the 24 hour Miami UltraSkate in the Men’s Clydesdale division. He has been an active member of the LDP community since 2019 and has taken part in or helped plan skate events all over the country. He is a story teller and works to bring the community together whenever possible. He is honored and stoked to be part of the Push relay team.

Miles Kipper - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Invisible Disabilities Association
Andy Andras - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Invisible Disabilities Association

Andy Andras

Whether you’re skating across America or fighting your disability, it’s always one step at a time, and in the end it comes together. One step at a time will get you there.
~ Andy

In 2009 Andy discovered the grassroots movement of “Distance Skateboarding” on longboard skateboards. With his experience in running Ultra marathons, Ironman’s and Adventure races and his love for skateboarding, he excelled in this new sport that combined both his passions. He found a special allure when it came to long distance races like 24 hour Ultra-Skates. In 2016 he was the first person to break the 300-mile barrier in 24 hours with a 309.5 record.

In 2020 Andy took on a new challenge in Distance Skateboarding by moving into the Paddle (SUP Skateboarding) discipline at competitions. Competing in the 24 hour UltraSkate in events, he was able to break the his own World Record in the summer of 2022 at the Dutch 24 UltraSkate with 274 miles performance.

Rick Stubblefield

I’m so honored to be invited to join this amazing team in an attempt to set the fastest known time skateboarding across the US, and it’s been the most exciting adventure of my life.
~ Rick

Rick Stubblefield was born in Cheverly, MD in 1965 and his family moved to Oregon in 1969.  They relocated to Juneau, AK for a few years where his dad worked for the Law Enforcement Council.  They returned to Oregon in the summer of 1976 where Rick learned to skateboard at the age of 10.  Rick became interested in photography in high school and has won several awards for his photos.  He met his wife in 1989 and they married in 1992.  Rick drifted away from skateboarding as a young adult but rediscovered his love for it after moving to Colorado with his wife in 2003. 

Rick began racing competitively in 2016 and in 2017 he finished in first place in the Grandmasters class of the SkateIDSA Pacific Northwest Championship and finished first as the 50+ IDSA Tour Champion.  In 2019 Rick placed third overall in the SkateIDSA Tour.

Rick Stubblefield - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Invisible Disabilities Association Pushing - Copy

The Support Team

Jack Smith - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Invisible Disabilities Association

Jack Smith

The team is pushing their limits physically and mentally and at the same time growing awareness of Invisible Disabilities.
~ Jack

Jack Smith is a Legendary skateboarder and Guinness World Record holder. In 2019, Jack completed the nation’s first cross-country road trip on an electric skateboard. The 2,394-mile journey was Jack’s fifth cross-country expedition on a skateboard, with his first taking place in 1976 on a traditional skateboard at the age of 19 from Oregon to Virginia. 

Skateboarding across America has since become a vehicle to raise awareness for causes near to Smith’s heart. In 2003, Smith’s son passed away from complications due to Lowe Syndrome and in 2013, Smith’s father passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease. Three of Smith’s trips across America were dedicated to raising funds and awareness for these causes.

Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith has skated for 20 plus years. From slalom to downhill to long distance skateboarding, he has always enjoyed being out riding no matter the way. He was part of a 5 person team who skated from Oregon to New York City in 2013 which raised funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Research. Dylan has followed in his father’s (Jack Smith) steps and is always looking forward to his next long distance skateboarding adventure.

Dylan Smith - The Push - A Skateboarding Relay Across America - Support - Invisible Disabilities Association
Photo Courtesy DylanKanePhoto

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