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We Would Love to Hear Your Story!

We are very excited to invite you to submit a video for our campaign, Invisible No More!

Simply set up your camera, turn it on and share your story.

As you know, living with an invisible disability can be additionally challenging when loved ones do not understand. Sadly, friends and family often assume a person is exaggerating, unmotivated, not trying hard enough, not wanting to get better, failing to pay attention or simply being lazy.

The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness of invisible disabilities and share true life stories to bring about respect, belief and better understanding to those living with various conditions.


  1. Sit in a place where light is on your face versus at your back to get the best picture.
  2. Keep the video length at a maximum of 3 minutes long.


  1. Your name.
  2. Name of your illness, injury or challenge (optional).
  3. How your life was before and/or how life is now.
  4. Your losses and struggles (friends, family, career, isolation, finances, cooking, cleaning, marriage, etc).
  5. Others not understanding your “invisible” challenges, because they are not readily apparent (debilitating fatigue, pain, dizziness, cognitive dysfunctions, hearing/sight impairment, etc).
  6. Experiences with people not believing (assuming you are being lazy, malingering, unmotivated, not paying attention, etc).
  7. Your wish for change in belief and support among friends, family, coworkers, etc.
  8. Your thoughts about the need for the work that IDA (pronounced Ida not I.D.A) is doing to create awareness, education, resources, encouragement and support.
  9. Please do not include information about specific medications, treatments, doctors, clinics, political or controversial issues, etc.
  10. If you have a website, blog or book you would like to share with our viewers, please include that information in the description for your video, but not on the video itself.


  1. By submitting your video you agree to the following:  I hereby consent without further consideration or compensation to the full use of this video taken of me and/or recordings made of my voice and/or written extraction, in whole or in part, of such recordings for the purposes of illustration, broadcast, or distribution in any manner by the Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA). Submission of video does not guarantee use or publication.
  2. Once your video is done, upload it to your YouTube Channel. If you do not have a YouTube Channel, you can get one for free. You will have the option of hiding your channel from public if you would like.
  3. Title the video, “My Story – Your Name.” You may use just your first name or your username if you prefer.
  4. Go to our Invisible No More TV Channel. Subscribe to the channel.
  5. Send a link to your video to us through our Contact Page.

Thank you for participating in this exciting project!

The IDA Team

All submissions are subject to approval. IDA reserves the right to not accept a video for any reason.

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