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Hear from the Invisible Disabilities Association’s Founder and President, Wayne Connell and his passion to bring to light the challenges of living with debilitating conditions as well as the incredible courage and perseverance these people have.

Listen to Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN tell her whimsical, invisible story that paints a picture of how things are not always what they may seem. Karyn Buxman is a Nurse, Hall of Fame Speaker, Author and Humorist.

Meet Special Guests Lori Frisher and Matt Barrett!

Lori is an Honor Student, two time cancer survivor and Emmy Nominee. She was also the first candidate in the world to receive the Esteem Implant, along with the Cochlear Implant she already had. Lori shares her journey of life with moderate to severe hearing impairment with her message, “Imagine.”

Matt has lived a life of amazing perseverance and courage. Since the age of 2, Matt has battled 11 types of cancer and has had over 1,700 surgeries. He has also been homeless on and off for much of his adult life. In addition to horrendous pain and fatigue, Matt has endured incredible discrimination. Because of the extensive surgeries and scaring on his face, Matt often gets stares, dirty looks and even called horrible names. Despite all of this, Matt’s friends will tell you he is one of the kindest people you will ever know.

Also in this video: Master of Ceremonies, DJ Rick Crandall of KEZW Radio