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IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell

IDA Founder and President, Wayne Connell

The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) encourages, educates and connects people and organizations touched by illness, pain and disability around the globe. Formerly known as The Invisible Disabilities Advocate, IDA was founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Connell is joined by medical, scientific and business professionals on the Leadership Boards of IDA, along with other support organizations and volunteers who desire to spread IDA’s message of hope and understanding.

Unlike organizations that pertain to just one condition, the term invisible disabilities covers hundreds. Therefore, IDA does not attempt to supply a vast amount of detailed information for every diagnosis. IDA’s website, publications, seminars and awareness address all debilitating conditions that are often misunderstood. IDA also offers many resources to information about various illnesses, help with costs of medications, disability benefits and more.

IDA reaches around the world to people living with various conditions, as well as their loved ones, through their websites, booklets, pamphlets, articles, inspiring and educational videos, radio interviews, events, seminars, projects, social network and social media. Check out some of the ways IDA is making a difference!

Connell’s inspiration for the organization is his wife, Sherri, who led a very active life of singing and dancing in musicals, acting in commercials, modeling in fashion shows, working to put herself through college and riding her horse. Sherri obtained two Bachelor Degrees and a Minor in Musical Theater. However, due to Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Sherri now struggles to take a shower, get a meal or go to a doctor’s appointment.

Because of people like Sherri and many others, Wayne and the IDA Board Members reach millions of people challenged by illness, pain and injury through the Invisible Disabilities Association. Thank you so much for joining us today! We hope you find the encouragement and support you need.


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About the Invisible Disabilities Association. Founder and President, Wayne Connell, shares about IDA, along with some excited new changes and visions at the 2010 IDA Honor Awards Banquet.

What People are Saying. See what Larry Hausner of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Ron Sokol of Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Peter Strople of Zero2 Holdings and Gary Tedder of Accredited Members are saying about the vital and extensive work of the Invisible Disabilities Association. 2011.

What is IDA? Founder and President, Wayne Connell, gives a brief overview of the Invisible Disabilities Association (formerly Advocate), IDA’s purpose and impact on the world at the 2008 Honors Awards Banquet.

The Vital Work of IDA. Board Member of The Invisible Disabilities Associate (IDA), Rick Watson, gives a short introduction about the need for the vital work of IDA at the 2008 Honor Awards Banquet. Rick is also the President of A Wiser Mind, a business helping those with Alzheimers and cognitive dysfunctions.

The Plight of Invisible Disabilities. Board Member of The Invisible Disabilities Association, Ginger Goins, gives a plea regarding invisible disabilities, loved ones and understanding at 2008 Honor Awards Banquet.

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