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Mayia Warren - Ambassador at Invisible Disabilities Association

Mayia Warren

I’m a passionate advocate who lives with Oculocutaneous Albinism, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Chronic Migraine Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Becoming an ambassador for IDA is important to me because I believe in the mission of making invisible disabilities visible.

IDA Ambassador – North Carolina

In addition to being an independent recording artist, Mayia Warren is an extraordinary individual who has dedicated her life to advocating for invisible disabilities, albinism, and chronic illnesses. Her passion for creating positive change and her unique approach to raising awareness have earned her numerous accolades in the field. Mayia employs various mediums, such as creative communication, traditional artistry, media, music, writing, and digital content, to establish effective initiatives within the disability arena.
As someone who personally navigates multiple invisible chronic conditions, Mayia draws upon her life experiences as a powerful tool for impact. 
Over the past 12 years, she has skillfully showcased her artistic abilities as a means of education and entertainment, shedding light on different aspects of her journey and the broader experiences of her community.
One of Mayia’s notable contributions is The Better Not Bitter Podcast, a platform she created to give individuals with various medical conditions, disabilities, and chronic illnesses a voice. Initially designed for advocacy and educational purposes, the podcast has evolved into a valuable resource for disability and advocacy organizations, parents of children with disabilities, fellow advocates, and anyone seeking a better understanding of their loved ones’ journeys.
Recognized as a leading figure in her community, Mayia actively collaborates with several local, state, and global organizations as a resource, ambassador, mentor, speaker, and consultant. Her insights into the exclusion of people with disabilities in pursuit of ineffectual quotas, hypocritical practices within the D.E.I space, mental health as an integral aspect of navigating the world differently, impactful youth/young adult programming, racial disparities, technological access, and skills gaps, creating advocacy content, and combating ableism have proven invaluable to these organizations.
Currently residing in Greensboro, NC, Mayia dedicates herself full-time to advocacy work and community service. Her impact extends beyond local borders, as she continues to serve statewide, nationally, and internationally. Throughout her journey, Mayia has discovered that God’s hand has been instrumental in shaping her story. Every day, she witnesses new pages unfolding as God uses her experiences with pain as opportunities to advocate, create art, and serve others. Mayia Warren exemplifies the power of embracing the concept of being Built Different(ly) and turning personal challenges into a catalyst for positive change.